Saturday, October 15, 2005

New Street Scenes!

I've finally gotten around to posting some of my new 'Street Scenes' that were completed during the Barkerart Residency at the Hot Shops Art Center. The top one is titled 'Pandora's Dilemma at Eve's Boutique,' and includes the characters Eve, Pandora, Izanami, Aberewa, and in the background Daphne, Isis, Cinderella, and Godmother Chanel (these may be hard to see in this image). The bottom one is 'Smoke Break behind Maggie's Diner,' and includes the Minotaur, the Sphinx, and the Cyclops. These posts don't really do the images justice since they are very, very big pieces. More to come!

Monday, October 10, 2005

'Lost' Illustrations

So, I know these drawings don't exactly fit in with the theme this week for Illustration Friday, but I thought that it would help me dive in to one of my next projects. I've decided my illustration portfolio needs a little beefing up, so I'm planning a series of illustrations based on the show 'Lost.' These are the first character sketches (from top: Jack, Kate, and Locke), which is something I usually do before doing the final artwork.

Are they perfect? By no means, I did them over an hour one night. But they do help me get a sense of the character's features, and how I can simplify or emphasize those features for my own rendition. I'll show more sketches and the final works as they progress, for those interested.

Also, I drew these on some old, OLD sketch paper, hence the golden-magenta tone (although I think the magenta came from the scan).

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Black Dahlia Murder Poster

The latest poster I did for 1% Productions. The bands are all pretty heavy death metal, but I wanted to stay away from typical goth cliches, so I tried to tie it in with what the headliner is actually named after. Thank you 'Homicide: Life on the Streets' DVD for design inspiration!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Illustration Friday-Float

I usually don't do personal pieces, but when I saw this week's theme, I found it especially appropriate. I just finished a studio residency here in Omaha, and so I'm wondering what to do next.

In case you can't read it, the text around the ripples says, "Floating on Brahma's sea...but where's my lotus?"