Monday, May 02, 2011

Moving into Spring and Summer

Figured I would update you on the goings-on in Mike-land. I don't have anything concrete to show, but a batch of things are in progress, and will be making their respective debuts in the months ahead. So, without further ado...

-I'm currently in the midst of a short storyline titled Dig over at my webcomic Supernova Lullaby. It'll end up being a 14 page comic, and will make its first print appearance at the Philly Alternative Comic Con in August, hopefully with a nice screen printed cover. It features a few characters I introduced in the Relative Visitors and Alien-kind's Best Friend storylines, and I'll most likely be using them more in future stories. Dig is inspired mostly by The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, but is now entering a short flashback sequence showing some Las Vegas-like shenanigans.

-I've also begun work on a 5 page Spider-Man action sequence. I wish I could say this is for publication, but sadly, no. It just occurred to me that I had never actually drawn a comic with actual superheroes, and figured it would be a fun exercise and something to show potential clients that I'm capable of this kind of comic. It features the friendly neighborhood web crawler, Electro, and Mary Jane. For some reason, I like drawing Electro over other super villains. And I have a soft spot for redheads, so I'm continually baffled by Marvel's efforts to fudge Spider-Man's relationship with MJ. With the exception of maybe Gwen Stacy, is there any other woman out there in the Spidey-verse that can hold a candle to Mary Jane Watson?

-And in all honesty, a Silver Surfer story would probably be better suited to my talents. If someone wants to write up a short episode, send it my way.

-I've been plugging away on sketch cards, and I've been upping my game a little bit by using ink washes instead of colored pencils. You can find them at a Tumblr blog I set up: Sketch Cards I Make. Mostly cards inspired by Fellini films, but I've got some other things cooking.

-NO LIFE: A few weeks back, I started reading George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire due to the hype surrounding the premiere of the HBO adaptation. Holy crap, you guys, this went beyond the hype. The first book, A Game of Thrones, clocks in at 800 pages, and I finished it in a mere span of weeks. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. Seriously, I'm a slow reader, I get bored easily and find something else to read in the midst of the book. Not with this one though. Don't let the fantasy elements turn you off, this is the real deal. If all of you grown adults out there can stand to read Harry Potter, then goddammit, you should definitely be reading this. This has it all: sex, death, palace intrigue, war, giant wolves, extinct dragons, and a giant continent-wide wall protecting civilization from chaos. Go out, buy the first book, and enjoy. (Or watch the series, either way, it deserves your support.)