Thursday, May 07, 2009

My 'God' Comic

It seems that God is a fairly popular subject among cartoonists, whether as an object of reverence, or as a source of hypocrisy and control. More often the Almighty becomes a mask for the cartoonist to use to espouse some viewpoint of the world, which boils down to his depressed state in it.

Alas, I too once had aspirations of doing a 'God' comic. While in grad school, I began to work on some pages in my sketchbook with God as a main character, keeping the story spontaneous and without forethought. I think I had some kind of mythic Campbell-ian ideas in mind, where all gods are really one and what not. And as you can see, I got reeeally far (3 pages! Phew!)

But I recently found these pages again as I skimmed through my old sketchbooks, and while they are pretty rough, I still think they're quite enjoyable, and that there is a lot of potential there. And so, I share these with you, dear Web surfer. There may be more to come...