Sunday, January 31, 2010

From the universe of 'Supernova Lullaby'

It's been a while since I posted (as always), so I thought I would pull some stuff from the sketchbooks that's been sitting around for a while. All of these come from the universe of 'Supernova Lullaby.' They may all lead to bigger and better things down the road, but for now, they're just sketches (albeit, a bit more elaborate than I am use to).

'The Watcher Zuba-elle announces the conception of Karsi Wipsi the Forsi, Son of Yoh Shaboh, to the Sacred Mother Esmer'ta.'

Preliminary poster for the film '200,00 Parsecs Under the Nebula,' based on the digi-novel by Jobel Vursus.

One of the many terrors of the planet Arkham 9-99
(My personal favorite!)