Sunday, January 22, 2006

Illustration Friday-Page Sample with Cat

This is a page from one of those projects that's been on the backburner for quite some time, slowly simmering to perfection (I hope).

The story is about a young woman who's having trouble sleeping, and so she gets up, and starts reflecting. She eventually goes out onto her balcony for a smoke, and looks back in to see a different version of herself, one much happier and nurturing. I'll leave the rest as a surprise, but the main theme of the comic is renewal in a place that has become tired and withered.

It'd be hard to call this a 'comic book,' I think a more accurate description would be 'comic poem.' Right now I'm thinking of self-publishing as soemthing akin to a chapbook. Thoughts? Advice?


Rebeccashane said...

Nice post, i like the description that goes along with it.. It helps out. Comic Poem.. that is interesting. I have never heard of that. :) good luck with publishing!

Alina Chau said...

nice comic drawings!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean she has turned into a Hellcat over time? Suppose I have to wait until published :) Good luck!