Saturday, April 29, 2006

Illustration Friday-Under the Sea

The concept isn't very original, but it is the first time I've drawn a mermaid (I think). I also want to experiment on this image with color, creating various effects in Photoshop, but as with every other Illustration Friday image, I'm too anxious to post it. Yet another project for the backburner!


Ellen said...

This is a really good illo...I'm sure when you get around to finishing it it will be awesome!

Angela said...

Excellent line work, nice detail!

carla said...

She's quite lovely for a first makes me think that you've probably dreamed of mermaids at least a few times! I like the way you inked her and left the background in pencil... she really stands out among the fishes! I can imagine that this will look awesome in color. You must finish it!