Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Figure in Perspective Final

So, this past semester I took the class 'Figure in Perspective' with Terry Beatty at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Overall, this is one of the best art classes I've taken, and it has had a dramatic effect on the way I work. Below are the final pages I did for the class; basically we were given scripts for one-page stories. The stories weren't too specific, so it allowed for a certain freedom of interpretation.This page was the crime story of the scripts, and of the three, is my favorite. Basically it's a reworking of Daredevil set in Victorian London, kinda like Batman in DC's 'Gotham by Gaslight.'
A romance page. Some good drawing came through, although a few trouble spots remain.

A gladiator page. I enjoyed drawing this, the villain's helmet is great, and like the romance page, some good drawing throughout. The biggest criticism though was that we can't see the weapons of the gladiators as they are about to strike, a criticism I tend to agree with.