Sunday, February 10, 2008

Movie Illustrations

A couple illustrations, one that I've shown before, the other that is fresh. Here goes:

I posted the 'Juno' drawing a few posts back, and I've been playing around with the color ever since. People seem to prefer the sole figure at the top, but I've been throwing around ideas for some background design. After much gnashing of teeth, I decided on the plus signs below. Simple, but they also have a feature in the plot of the movie.
This one is a bit more formal, and I have no intention of adding color. The characters are H.W. and Daniel Plainview from P.T. Anderson's 'There Will Be Blood.' I wanted to creat a contrast between the two portraits, hence the greater use of shading on Plainview. The strongest feature for me was the cross-hatching on the clothing. I've employed it in the past, but this time it seemed to really work.

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