Monday, April 28, 2008

'Summer Night at Horror Vacui' Pencils

So, even though I'm done with my MFA Thesis, I still have some unattended business to finish up. Namely, the MCAD MFA Print Portfolio for 2008. The theme is 'Horror Vacui,' and these are the pencils for the screen print I'm doing. The top image will be superimposed on the lower half of the bottom image once the inks are complete, and then a spot color will be fitted in with the final print. Changes, as always, will occur. I'll post progress images as they happen.

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Tim Abel said...

These pencil drawings are awesome in themselves. I really really love the space drawing with all the roughed in black areas. The areas of really dark black around the stars and planets are really nice. It is so active-awesome sense of colliding space and distance.