Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fresh Stuff

These are a bunch of designs that I've been sitting on for a while now, and decided that they just needed to be finished. I have a couple variations on a couple of them which I'll explain below:

'Mix Tape Sara': This is Sara from my comic The Ballad of Toby & Sara. The top version is more of an illustrative design, the bottom is meant for a t-shirt, something with a more limited palette that could be screen printed easily. If you can't see it, the text reads: "fast forward to play/rewind and pause/just can't make-up my mind/just how to feel about you."

'Running Record Toby': Again, top version is an illustration, the bottom is for a t-shirt. The text reads: "I'm going round and round/lookin' for that perfect tune/to tell you I feel/about you."
'Two Phoenixes': It's been quite a while since I dealt with phoenix imagery. I would use it a lot in college, but it kind of faded away after a while. Well, consider this it's return. At first, I envisioned this as a t-shirt, but the colors became a bit more complex as I went along. It could still work, but it may be difficult from a printing standpoint. Maybe a greeting card?

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