Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'Lost' Sketch Commissions

Recently, I've been doing some 'Lost' sketches for friends in commemoration of the final season that is quickly reaching its conclusion (May 23! Holy Smoke Monster!). I've been happy to oblige since I've been meaning to tackle the variety of characters that the show offers, and these first three have provided some unique opportunities and challenges.

Neil, aka 'Frogurt,'
aka the guy that gets shot with a flaming arrow in Season 5
(Don't know who Neil is? Don't worry, neither did I. Thank the internet for Lostpedia!)

Desmond and Daniel Faraday
from Season 5

Ben Linus
from Season 2
(At first, I was thinking of drawing Ben turning the wheel at the end of Season 4, but instead I went with his debut in Season 2, where he was a captive in the Hatch.)

There will most likely be more of these in the weeks ahead. This project has kind of bumped the 'Lost' kid comics from my plate, but I may get one or two more of those out before the end of the season. If only I could make time...

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Puffalo Soldier said...

Wow, very impressive. I love seeing the familiar scenes in a different way