Thursday, May 27, 2010

Final Drawings and Thoughts on 'Lost'

Looking back over the past few months of posts, it would appear that all this blog has become are 'Lost' sketches that I've done either for myself or for friends. And so today I say to you, these will be the FINAL 'Lost' related sketches that I post FOREVER!!!

Trust me, I've enjoyed doing them, but I think it's time to move on...

Locke/Man-in-Black/Smoke Monster
I have to say, this aspect of Season 6 was a personal favorite. I loved the various double-crossings and cons that went into this storyline, and I felt it shed some light on the series overall.

A classic image from Season 1

Crazy Claire
I really enjoyed seeing the return of Claire, but I felt that she was
underused in the season overall. I wanted to know more about her whereabouts in the three years we didn't see, and how her relationship with the Smoke Monster developed over time, which had creepy written all over it.

As for the finale...I really liked how they resolved the Island storyline, and in fact I was surprised they wrapped it up as tightly as they did. There was an element of tragedy to it all, but hope as well. And I was surprised to see that the Island is literally a cork, which leads me to believe that Jacob had at some point gone down into that well to see what exactly was down there.

But the Sideways storyline...I'm still trying to get it. I've read other synopses about the finale, and more and more, my thoughts lean towards the negative. At the start of the season, I was really into it, but to find out that it didn't have a direct correlation with any of the events on the Island (such as the Incident in Season 5) was a bit disappointing. What always amazed me about the various seasons of 'Lost' was how well the writers brought everything together by the end of a season, everything just clicking into place. I didn't get that feeling this time around, and maybe that's what I'm missing.

Aside from my quibbles though, I'm grateful to the series. The creative team behind it made the story that they wanted to tell, and as a fellow storyteller, I find that inspiring. I'd like to think that my life is just a little richer for having seen and experienced this story, and met these characters. I may not have had faith in the series all the time, but at the very least it kept me entertained, and gave me quite a bit to think about it. There's a lot to be said for that, especially for a medium like television.

And so... Namaste.

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