Friday, September 10, 2010

Watercolor Sketches for SPX

So, I won't be debuting any new comics at SPX (unfortunately), but I have been making some new watercolor sketches. Nothing too refined, but I think my technique is getting better. I'm not sure how well they'll be received at an indie comics expo, but we'll just have to see, won't we.
Desire and Delirium of the Endless
(a personal favorite)
(a classic look, kind of like Ditko or Romita, Sr.)

Doctor Octopus

(I hate the traditional costume, so I took some liberties with the design)

Roorshacki from Watchliens
(So, last year I did a poster that was a 'Supernova Lullaby' riff on 'Watchmen.' I haven't done anything with those versions of the characters since then, and for some reason decided now would be a good time to work with them again.)

Night-Woot and the Blue Spectre from Watchliens

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