Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Show Related Material

Both of these images saw the light of day a while ago, but I figured I would post them since I have a personal connection with at least one of the people depicted, and they are both connected to a radio show that I'm a big fan of, The Best Show on WFMU.

The top poster I made for my friend Geneva, who is currently in the running to take over for Best Show Protégé (or Protégée, in her case). Sara Bauer (of Hey Pais fame) came up with the idea, and then Geneva sent it my way to take a crack at it. I'm not sure how formal this campaign is, but it's been a fun aspect of discussion within the FOT community. One of the reasons that I even listen to the Best Show is because Geneva was always talking about it when we both lived in Minneapolis. At the time, I was listening to WFMU, just not the Best Show. But after Geneva's high praises, I finally gave it a listen, and I haven't turned back. So, for obvious reasons, I think it's only fitting that Geneva be granted protégée status.

The below image is of Best Show caller Laurie from Miami (now Chapel Hill), which was made for the Best Show trading cards that were part of the marathon rewards pack from 2010. I actually made it last summer, and from what I've heard, the cards are now being delivered (at least I hope the rumor is true...). Through that fabled network of 'friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend,' I was asked by Best Show host Mr. Tom Scharpling to make the image, and I was only too happy to oblige. Laurie's library background gave me a chance to include a lot of Best Show related material, so click on the image to have a good look at the background.

Thank you Geneva! Thank you Tom! And thank you Laurie! Glad I could help in some small way.

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