Sunday, October 07, 2007

FallCon Day 1

October 6-Fall Con Day 1! The weather was hot and humid, but I was able to do a good amount of sketching. I usually don't show my sketchbooks like this, but it might become a regular habit.
I'm not exactly keen on superheroes (my merch confirmed this), but this turned out to be a pretty superhero heavy con, so I gave in and did a bunch, mostly focused on the Fantastic Four. If I were to do a superhero comic, my choice would be Fantastic Four.
Of the Fantastic Four, though, I find Mr. Fantastic to be the most awkward. It's hard to make his power seem...'serious.' It can fall into comedy really fast. In light of this, I do find the top ink sketches to be fairly good. I made a first attempt at Dr. Doom at the bottom, and couldn't resist a Rabbit, Tigger, and Pooh sketch next to him.
The entire team!
I eventually broke away from the Four, and did a couple quick sketches of Dream and Death. I eventually made larger drawings of both of these, but I think I like the quick sketches better. The top sketch is of the emergency exit that was by my table.
This is probably the most awkward page. Basically, it's an array of hair styles, head shapes, and body parts that I caught over about a 10-15 minute period. Not much to look at, but some of you might find it interesting.

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