Sunday, October 07, 2007

FallCon Day 2

October 7-Fall Con Day 2. Just as hot and humid. *sigh* Oh well, a few more sketches came about.

The last of the Fantastic Four sketches. I really like how the Thing turned out, but I could never get a handle on Dr. Doom.

I've been thinking about a story where Tig and Rabbit, here in their early thirties, open up a coffee shop. I just drew out a quick scene, where Tig shows Rabbit a possible location, an old, abandoned diner. Rabbit isn't exactly pleased.
At MCAD, the Design department is doing a school wide theme entitled 'UFO.' I've decided to do something with teenage aliens, and these were some of my early sketches.
I'm not exactly a fan of this page, but this is where I ended my sketching. I decided to try and rework the design for Mary (from the wedding picture I did a couple posts earlier). The only drawing I'm really happy with is the three-quarter view at the top right, and looking at the original wedding picture, I'm not exactly sure why I thought her design needed to be improved.

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Nice meeting you at Fallcon!