Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall Con Sketches 2008

As with any convention, there are always sketches, and this Fall Con 2008 was no exception. This year was kind of a mixture of my own characters, and better known heroes and villains. Below are some of the highlights:

Doctor Octopus

Spidey and MJ
(note to self: don't try to draw Spider-Man with a nose. It looks awkward.)

Sara Reynolds from 'The Ballad of Toby & Sara'

Toby Jazynski from 'The Ballad of Toby & Sara'
Poison Ivy and Batman
My favorite sketch of the convention. Gene Ha, an amazing artist I was sitting next to, was kind enough to let me try out his Copic markers for shading, and it amazed me how much it added to the depth and detail of the sketch.

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