Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Projects

It's been somewhat quiet here on the blog since I'm preparing for a cross-country move, but I have quite a few projects to post. Some I started early in the summer, but a couple were surprises that popped up during the summer.

The big one though is a watercolor painting that was commissioned by a friend of mine, and is now in his possession. I was a bit nervous starting this one since I haven't done a lot of work with watercolor, especially at this size, but I found it really enjoyable. After getting feedback from a number of people, I think it may have opened some creative doors for me. Below: 'Henry O'Sullivan's.'
Next, Seth From Somewhere commissioned another travel illustration, this one for the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I think as far as sheer technique goes, there was a lot of development between this one and the previous ones I did for him earlier this year. I'm working more with shadows and highlights, and I think this is giving a lot more depth to my computer illustrations.

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Loops O'Fury said...

The watercolor turned out great, and I LOVE the Camino de Santiago picture.