Friday, April 08, 2011

Secret Prison #4 and MoCCA this weekend

Secret Prison #4 makes it's debut this weekend at the MoCCA Comic Art Festival in New York, New York. I have a comic in this issue which I'm really happy with, and I can't wait to see the rest of the stellar art from the contributors. In case you can't make it to MoCCA, or are not in the greater Philadelphia area, I've posted the comic (a color version, no less) at the link below.

click on the image, and all will be revealed

The Muon combines a little science (though I won't attest to its accuracy) with a dose of galactic spirituality, which is something that I've been wanting to explore within the universe of Supernova Lullaby. It's an element of the comic that I hope to develop over time.

As for MoCCA, I'll be there, though I won't have a table this time around. I didn't do so hot money-wise last year, which was a bit discouraging, particularly since MoCCA is one of the more expensive shows to get into. So I'll just be a humble attendee this year. I'll bring some books to trade and give to publishers, pass out some postcards, buy some comics, make some friends...who knows, maybe I'll even run into the love of my life. It is New York after all.

Honestly, it'll be nice to not have the pressure and hassle of sales, and to just enjoy comics with like-minded people on a Spring day.

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