Sunday, September 28, 2008

Superheroes (and Villains)

I'm not terribly proficient with superheroes, but with FallCon coming up, I wanted to take a more serious crack at them. I see these as pin ups or posters (or prints) rather than covers of any sort. The characters may be cartooned more than they appear in the comics, but it was really a matter of incorporating my style into the characters existing visuals. However, I re-configured Electro's costume in the Spider-Man drawing, and used a more classic visual for the Joker, rather than the more gritty Joker from this summer's Batman movie.

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Tim Abel said...

I think electro is my favorite part of that spiderman poster. he reads the most uniquely yours, along with the alligator man behind him (my spiderman villian names are failing me on this one). What if it was just a villians poster, with the spiderman/eyes netting as the background?